This is some of the clothing that I have
made for my use.
(To see the full size image just click on it)
This is my shirt.  Made from an old
linen table cloth of medium weight
fabric.  All hand sewn with
bone buttons. 
Shirt Closeup
This is a close-up shot of the neck
area.  Note the heart shape under
the neck opening.  This is to
prevent the neck from ripping
at this point.
My hunting shirt or frock was
also made from an old
linen tablecloth.  When I
dyed it, it came out nicely
mottled like it would from
years of wear.  This is a transitional
style of hunting shirt being a pullover
rather than the split front.
Hunting shirt front
Hunting shirt back
This is the back of my hunting shirt
showing the fringed cape.  There
is a little bit of applied fringe on the
cuffs and the bottom is left unhemmed
to fringe naturally.  This is a heavier
linen than my shirt.
These are a pair of leggings.  Made
from a gray wool blanket.  The
reason that the one is hemmed a little
funny is because I have an enlarged
calf on my left leg from an accident.
 To see how to make leggings click here
Winter Moccassins These are a pair of shoepak
style winter mocs I just finished.  Deer
hide uppers with cowhide soles and
blanket liners. (For a more detailed
pic click on the image)

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