How to make leggings.

First thing you need to do is to take a few measurements

First thing you do is to measure from the middle of your thigh down to your ankle (Number 1).
 For Native style leggings, these should come to just above the knee.  Next you want to get the
circumference around your thigh (No. 2) and your calf (No. 3)

Take the measurement from No 2 and add double the flap with to it.  For example if your thigh is
26" around and you want 3" flaps, your total will be 32".  Best to make them a little wider if you
have the material, it's always easy to trim them off.  Cut out the rectangle based on
measurements 1 and 2.

Wrap them around your bare leg and with the flap ends together either pin it or put a tack stitch
in at the top.  Do the same at the point where you took measurement No. 3.  Then take a piece
of chalk and pinching the sides together as you go down mark your stitching line down to your

From there they should the same width as No 3 all the way down to your ankle.  Now I have big
calves so I do taper mine in a little going from No. 3 to the ankle.  If you do that make sure that
you leave them wide enough at the anke to get over your foot (experience talking here..).

Take it off and stitch them down the line.  I use a single running stitch (that is just where the
needle goes in one side and out the other about 3/8" apart for you non-sewing types).
Just put a simple knot at the end for now.  Then check them for fit.

If everything is okay then run another line of stitching back from the bottom to the top then
tie it off. Cut your flaps to an even length and you have 1/2 of the job done.  If not, then just
adjust your stitching till it does.

To hold them up all I do is using an awl punch a hole about 1" from the top on either side of the
stitching and about 1/2" on both sides of the seam.  Then a hole at the same location in the flap.
I thread a leather thong through the holes starting from the one at the back, inside, then out the
front hole and through the flap.  Tie it off good and your are ready to hit the woods!

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