My personnal is that of a ranger working in the Blue Mountain
range in the lower area of Northeastern PA during the early
years of the revolutionary war (1775-1780). I am on the scout
for Tory and Indian raids coming south out of New York.

During the French war, there were a chain of
fortifications established along the Blue Mountain to guard
against Indian raids. These have long fallen into ruin but the
Indian and game trails still run up and down the mountain.

Born to parents of Scottish birth, I fought as a youth during the
French War learning the skills I know use from the older
woodsmen that were part of my militia unit.  I don't see much
use in joining up with the Colonial Army,  standing out in a
line waiting for someone to shoot you isn't my idea of fighting
a war.  By trade I am a jointer, or as known now as a
cabinetmaker. To learn some more about this trade
you can go here.

 Jointers Homepage

There are a few older Lenape indians still living in the
mountains, although most have moved off to the north or the
west.  It was from them I was given my Indian name.
Wapachsinn Macht
Silver Bear.

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