I could probably fill several pages with these, but these are the ones
that I seem to frequent the most.

 Historical Trekking  Good Message Board & Auction

 Colonial Backwoods  Message Board and Trade Blanket

 Blue Heron Mercantile  Supplier of a lot of hard to find goods

 BrainTan.Com   Everything about Brain tanning and Other Tanning Methods Great Site

 Doctor Thomas Walker's Journal  Online Journal From 1749-50

 18 Century New England Life Information on Dress, market wallets and other goods

 History of the Virginia Border Wars 1773-1794 Some scary but good period information

 Sye Parker's Cabin  Another Like Minded Soul

 Coalition of Historical Trekkers Great place to meet others of the same interest

 On The Trail Magazine Good Resource

 Joseph Doddridge On Line  One of the basic resources.

 An account of the remarkable occurrences in the life and travels of Col. James Smith - Online

 Great Site on Early French Trade Axes & Knives
 18th Century Living History Resource Page Resource Listing Very Comprehensive
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