How do you learn about Trekking and 18th Century re-enacting?

Lots of good resources to get started.  It is best to read the more generic texts then refine your
persona based on the actual sources of your area. These are but a few (and I will be working
on this list as time permits).  Note: The Author or Publisher's name is in italics.


Sons of Trackless Forest   Mark Baker
Deerskins & Duffels: The Creek Indian Trade With Anglo-America, 1685-1815  Kathryn E. Holland Braund
Notes on the Settlement and Indian Wars of the Western Parts of Virginia and
Pennsylvania from 1763 to 1783  Joseph Doddridge
The Journal of Nicholas Cresswell, 1774-1777 Nicholas Cresswell
An account of the remarkable occurrences in the life and travels of Col. James Smith  James Smith
Into the American Woods: Negotiators on the Pennsylvania Frontier James H. Merrell
The Long Hunt: Death of the Buffalo East of the Mississippi  Ted Franklin Belue

The Book of Buckskinning Series Muzzleloader Magazine
(There are 8 in all, good starters books are 1, 2 & 6)

The Frontier Rifle Man  Richard B. LaCrosse, Jr.


Muzzleloader Magazine
On The Trail (see the links section)


Mark Bakers The Longhunter Video's 1-4
Lot of good how to info.

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