Short story shot my first woodswalk at the Jacobsburg Rifle Frolic in June 2005.

Long story, well a couple of my buds asked me to do the woodswalk with them on Sat (they wanted
groups of at least 5 shooters, as it turned out we had 7).

I have never shot one before, usually at events,  I'm just doing my sutler/take it easy for a couple of
days thing.  So I dig out the Tulle, (that's a .62 smoothbore for those folks who don't know).
 I had left Sweet Annie home this trip (my .45)  Counted up the balls in my bag, had 10 .595's
and there were 10 shots on the walk so I was good to go.

The format as it were, was that of a 3 day trek.  We had to do the 10 shots, go up for a gear check,
then flint & steel and light a candle in 2 minutes or less.  Then do a hawk & knife throw
(that we could do when ever, 5 hawk and 5 knife)

First the shooting.  Last time I got out was last fall for any kind of practice, and usually it's split 50/50
between the rifle and the Tulle.  I always practice shooting off hand, so that helped a bit.  But in any case,
I'm still pretty much a member of the Broadside O-Da Barn Muzzleloader Shooting Society,
ifn'a ya catch my drift.

The course was 7 hanging steel targets, the first of which was a hunk of chain, then steel critters, at
various distances, with varying degrees of shall we say "interest" to the shot. One was shot sitting on a
stump feet front, another you had to the stand in one spot and lean around a tree, etc.  I managed to hit 2
of the 7 and be real close on 2 others.  The next 2 were a cross of toothpicks hanging from string
a wooden frame at about 25 -30 feet (I could hardly see them much less shoot em) and then wooden
matches on top of the other part of the frame.  My group had some good shooters, but nobody hit the
picks or the matches.  The last target was an Indian head with feathers.  You had to cut the feather,
if ya missed completely it, it was a zero, if ya shot the Indian it was -50 points.  Well I made sure
I didn't hit that head, I did manage some how to punch a pretty good hole in my
feather (and you had to call which one), but I didn't cut it.

Of course my 2 bud's, the one came up 0 for shooting (new gun, bad flint blah blah blah), the other,
yep a -50, missed all the targets, except for the one he was suppose to miss ("I just can't find my spot", he
even tried to cheat on one and threw in a load of shot!) .

Then it was the equipment check, which I got 7 out of 10.  Then the flint and steel, GRRRRRRRRRRR,
my char glowed on the 2nd strike, you think I could get my tinder or the dang candle to
light?  Next time.........we will get it lit!

Last was the hawk & knife throw.  Now I flat out suck at both, and ain't even tried to practice in a
bunch of years, but I did manage to get one hawk throw in the card.

I guess my score was around a 75 or so out of a possible 500.  But it was fun.  The old Tulle performed
real fine, not one misfire, was using 60 grain of 3F (except for the one target which looked to be about
60 - 70 yards back, then I dumped in another 1/2 measure).  Spit patched ticking, and there wasn't
much in the barrel to clean out even after 10 shots.

Might even have to think about doing the next one in the fall.

Who know, I might even get ambitious and practice!
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