These are some of the accoutrements that I
use.  These are ones that I have made or modified
for my personna.  I will be adding to this list as time
goes on.
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This is my havesack.  Made from an 
old linen feed bag.  The strap was
stitched from a piece of the same
bag.  Single pewter button.
My Haversack
My axe
This is my axe.  The head I got at a
flea market and the handle is from
a hickory axe handle blank that I 
shaved down and stained. The
sheath gets tied on with simple
overhand knot.  This is light enough
to carry in my sash but heavier 
than a tomahawk for camp use.
My powderhorn started off as
a commercially made horn.  I carved
down the spout and stained the end.
Was going to do some scrimshaw 
work on it but just haven't gotten
around to that yet. The sash was 
made by John Baker out of Texas.
He does very nice work!
My powderhorn and sash
This is a tumpline that I made
for carrying my matchcoat. It is
8ft in overall length and the ends
are about 2ft long.  Made of 
braided jute cord, it works well
for a light load.
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