A Christmas Poem

Was the day before Christmas
In this little shoppe of mine.
No one had come in
Not for a very long time.
The presents are all wrapped
And awaiting to go
To their Christmas destinations
To the houses in the snow.
Tis a tradition you see
This day before wrapping I do
To put me in the spirit
For the Chrismas that awaits anew.
And as I sit here and think
About the time gone so fast
About the year almost gone
And my life as it has passed.
All too easy to say
What I should or could have done
Much harder to accept
That I finished little that I begun.
Life has been a compromise
Too much hurry up and wait
Too much puttting off the important things
Too much putting trust in fate.
The first step is the hardest
That is what they say
When making a journey
Even when the path is clear.
So as I sit and write this
In this little shoppe of mine
Next year will be better
For only I can find
My path.

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All images and poems are Copyright 2000 Anthony V. Seo