Box sets can be made to your specifications with 1 to 3 knives with any
any of our standard blade & handle materials.  Boxes are available
either varnished or stained and varnished .
E-Mail Me For Quotes on Custom Orders.
Tiger Stripe Obisdian 
Cherokee pipestone handle 
10" Overall 
$350.00 with box
Agatized Coral Blade
Cherokee Pipestone Handle
10 5/8" Overall 
$400.00 with box

Agatized Coral Blades
Cherokee Pipe Stone Handles
8 3/8" & 7 1/2" overall
$400.00 with box
Blades are Midnight Lace
Obsidian, Agatised Coral,
& Mook Jasper.
Cherokee Pipe Stone Handles
11, 8" & 8 1/2" overall
$800.00 with box

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